That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 7

The Rechristening Festival (GM summary)

Volunder (Volunder StoneShield) recovered from his allergic reaction shortly before meeting the mysterious Irena, who was also contracted to investigate the haunted house of Kingsport. After regrouping outside of Pillbug’s Pantry, you decided to participate in the rechristening festivities and enter the Kingsport Festival Contest as a team. Tom was allowed to attend to his own business, while Rob, despite Volunder’s best efforts to broaden her thinking, faithfully and loudly cheered for the StoneShield house. StoneShield! StoneShield! All of you placed in different events ( Kingsport Festival Contest), and in the end, your team nearly defeated the heavy favorites, the Scarnetti family. Although some citizens were irritated by your victories, you won over others with your skill and sportsmanship, especially when facing off and winning against the Scarnettis.

Now the day is over, and the closing ceremony approaches. Did you attempt a forced march simply to play in some games? What was the hurry? Was Lord Kringle waiting for you? Was the haunted house put up for auction?



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