That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 8

Attack on Kingsport (GM summary)

You and your comrades have successfully repelled the undead forces assaulting Kingsport at the eastern bridge. During the previous evening and earlier today, you learned more about Kingsport, now officially renamed Sandpoint, and its citizens … and they learned more about you. Tar Sighard certainly learned more than he wanted about Shayliss Vinder and her cellar. After being warned this morning by the elven hunter Shalela Andosana of an impending attack on the town, Mayor Deverin requested your aid, despite opposition from Titus Scarnetti and other townsfolk.

After masterfully executing your plan of defense, you have a moment to survey your fallen enemies. You note that they were obviously animated dead but unusually fast in their movements. Even more strange, though, was the one creature that emerged from the magical darkness and wore a tattered black cloak that did little to cover its pale and mottled skin and gaunt frame.


After it conjured forth a stinking cloud of poison fumes to engulf half of you, Volunder (Volunder StoneShield) heroically leapt from shore onto the bridge to grapple with the monster. Along with some creepy hissing, the creature defended itself with long sharp claws and a deadly necromantic touch, and it took the combined might of Volunder and Bran (Brannigan Stryker) to slay the surprisingly tough foe. You do not know what it was, and you are filled with wonder and loathing as it rapidly decays into dust.



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