That Which Can Eternal Lie


by Whisper

Demon begone! The evil, choking stench of that foul creature brings water to my eyes as I try not to gag while the forgotten memories crowd my mind forcing out all reason.

It is getting dark, I should go back soon but I haven’t ever been this far and how jealous will Keegan be that I have explored someplace new that he has not been yet. I cannot wait to see the look on his face when I tell him! I just hope he keeps his mouth shut and does not say anything to Mama & Papa.

There are too many of these rotted trees around, it must mean I am getting closer to the swamp. Maybe I should go home now. Gran warned me about playing near the swamp, and I am hungry, afterall. I suppose I can come back here tomorrow.

Wait! What is that over there? I thought I saw something move… yes, there in the trees! Perfect chance to practice my sneaking. Just stay quiet behind this tree and carefully peek around…. blood red eyes looking back at me. What is that thing? Oh no! It sees me.

Cold. I feel so cold. I cannot look away from those burning red eyes. MAMA! HELP! No sound comes out. PAPA! There is only silence and then the crunch of snapping branches as the creature slowly moves towards me.

Run! My feet are anvils. I wish Keegan was here. That smell. Worse than skunks or rotting carcasses. The smell burns my lungs. The thing is getting closer. HELP! PLEASE! I have no voice. The thing laughs at me. A sound that is worse than the smell. I am going to die. I know it. My eyes will not close. It comes closer. MAMA! PAPA! It reaches a claw out and I feel the needle sharp nails before they even touch me. I scream. I hear the hellish shriek. I had no idea I could make that kind of noise. No, wait, that is not me. That is the creature screaming.

The thing is dead. Who are all these people? Where did they come from? Hands touch me, a soft voice whispering in my ear. Mama? No, it is not Mama. This one is …. human? What is a human doing in Kyonin? I do not understand her words but I like her. I hope she never stops talking. There are more humans and some that look like elves but look human too. And that one over there, so short, like someone squashed him. I wonder if he has a face underneath all that hair?

And then they are gone. Along with my memory

Until now.



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