That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 10

Restoration, Reputation, and Rumor (GM summary)

It is the day after the second attack on Kingsport. Rob severely injured herself in the battle by leaping off the wall to help her liege defend the fallen gate, and Tom has sunk into a despondent stupor. Casualties and damage were high in the south part of the city, and Lucretia Scarnetti was among the gravely wounded. Many of the citizens expressed their appreciation for your valiant and successful efforts in protecting the east and north sections of the city. Also, some of you saw Evan Orm providing aid in the aftermath of the attack, but he was not too keen on talking with you.

Early this morning Sheriff Hemlock (Belor Hemlock) left for Magnimar to recruit more militia forces, and during breakfast at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu alerted the party that the Merchant Council would be inviting them to a meeting so the Council could become more familiar with them. You also learned from her that Morton Zyman and Evan Orm were known acquaintances, so some of you sought to find out more and possibly meet with Zyman. During your exploration of the town, you picked up some local rumors, heard different tavern songs ( Sea Shanties mostly), and learned that Zyman was a scholar of Varisian ( Varisia) history, art, and engineering. At Cracktooth’s Tavern, Kalinda Nwosu also encountered your nemesis, Shayliss Vinder, as Kalinda was attempting to intimidate information from a kitchen boy. Jubrayl Vhiski then warned Kalinda that Shayliss and her father would turn the town against the party, and he offered to help the party get right with them.

Meanwhile, Irena and Volunder StoneShield investigated the southern outskirts around the town and discovered that multiple groups of attackers joined up in the surrounding forests. They also encountered Shalela Andosana, who was scouting for further threats. She reluctantly spoke about the Haunted House and warned that talking about it would put Kingsport citizens in jeopardy, and she was not willing to endanger them. She said it would take an extreme amount of trust for any of the townsfolk to speak about the house with the party. Before continuing her mission, Shalela asked Volunder give a gift to the elven hunter and the other archer in the party. On the way back to the Rusty Dragon, Irena shared information with Volunder about his father, Lord Alforge StoneShield.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party went to visit Morton Zyman, and the town locksmith, Volioker Briskalbeard watched them case the scholar’s house before letting them know that Zyman was at a meeting with Mayor Deverin (Kendra Deverin). After going to the town hall and dealing with the second-rate clerk, the four adventurers started back to the Rusty Dragon, when Tar Sighard and Whisper (Tiatha Thistlewood) both saw, or thought they saw, a strange malevolent creature on the edge of their perception …




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