That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 9

Attack on Kingsport - continued (GM summary)

Apparently the other town defenses were less stout than yours, as you heard the sounds of continued fighting to the north and south. Although weary after holding the eastern bridge, you hastened toward uptown and the northeastern wall to reinforce the militia. Atop the wall, swordsmen clashed with goblin zombies while archers fired arrows at the advancing forces down below. You aided in protecting the wall, but goblins blasted apart the wooden gate to the road. Through the smoke and debris, goblins and goblin riders rushed in haphazardly to ransack Kingsport and attack its defenders.


Several of you received fearsome wounds during the battle, including Rob in her overzealous attempt to reach the gate, but you successfully defeated the attackers with only marginal damage to one building.

Now what has happened in the south?



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