Jarza Bonaventure

NPC businessman and former adventurer


His brash personality serves him well as an entrepreneur, though his boldness and arrogance irritates many people, such as stoic monks.


A former adventurer, who retired due to massive injuries suffered while exploring the legendary stronghold of Quasqueton, Jarza now owns and operates, Bonaventure’s Bold and Brave adventurying company. Jarza began his business as a print news service – some would say vulgar tabloid — called “The Daily Jarza” that related the latest happenings (gossip) in the city and other interesting tales (inflated rumors of abductions, invasions, and mass murder) from around Varisia. More importantly, the publication included advertisements seeking adventurers, mercenaries, and the like to undertake dangerous contract work, such as serving as caravan protection or personal bodyguards; undertaking investigations, recovery operations, and quests; and if closely read, engaging in ethically unbound activities.

Eventually, stories stemming from these adventures and exploits began appearing in the Daily Jarza, which increased both the celebrity of those who were contracted and the popularity of the paper. Jarza also began a side-business acquiring and accumulating valuable and fascinating objects and artifacts that were recovered by the adventurers, and the shrewd businessman resold the items at a nice profit to the public and private collectors. Finally, Jarza took a more compelling surname and consolidated his various operations into a single company, Bonaventure’s Bold and Brave: printed tales of excitement and thrills, advertisement for contract work, employment of adventurers, and sale of recovered treasure.

Jarza Bonaventure

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