The Whispering Tyrant


Mythical lich (necromancer archmage) from Ustalav.


Tar-Baphon was a powerful wizard-king who ruled central Avistan at the end of the 9th century AR. Killed by the god Aroden himself in 896 AR, he rose as the lich known as the Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR, and ruled the country of Ustalav for centuries. He was finally defeated by the Shining Crusade in 3827 AR and imprisoned within his capital of Gallowspire.

However, the Whispering Way, a cruel and secret organization with the central philosophy that undeath is the truest form of existence, attempted to raise Tar-Baphon in the Carrion Crown campaign. The heroes Carumati Izora, Galamir Greenleaf (Goldensong), Ly, Sollen StoneShield, Veremo, and Viska Night-thorn defeated the Whispering Way and stopped the resurrection of the Whispering Tyrant on the Plains of Grayce.

The symbol of the Whispering Way is a gagged skull., because their tenets are whispered one to another and never written down.


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