NPC fighter (NPC party member)


Appears to be better with a sword or longspear, than a bow. Has greasy, lank black hair, and well-worn equipment and clothes. Appears to have great interest in devising schemes and plans.

  • Sworn into service to Lord StoneShield by Bran. Previously in service to Lord Westmont before his former liege’s estate was overrun by goblins and demons.
  • Accidentally shot Bran in the back while firing a bow with two broken fingers.
  • Appears to have gotten himself into hot water with the Captain (Bran) and Whisper, but also appears to be trying to turn over a new leaf and follow his new lord’s directive: “Don’t be sorry. Get better.”
  • “I’ve never had a proper lord.”
  • Nearly seduced by Shayliss Vinder but escaped before any complications, struggled with his conscience before returning to the party and holding to his oath to serve the StoneShield house.
  • “Here is how it is.”
  • In a despondent stupor after second attack on Kingsport.


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