Bonaventure Contract

Bonaventure’s Bold and Brave

General terms
• Do not share with anyone the specifics of your mission, status as contractors, or details of your contract.
• Keep a journal of your exploits. Journals are the property of the company, however, the company will scribe a copy for a small fee and return the original to the contractor. Higher quality journals qualify the contractor to receive a bonus payment.
• Recover any unusual, interesting, or valuable items as evidence of your exploits. The company has first right of purchase, but depending on the nature of the items, the items may be gifted to the contractor.

Specific terms
• Do not reveal your status as contractors or your mission to the citizens of Kingsport. The townsfolk get annoyed with passing travelers simply indulging their selfish curiosity. Come up with a cover story for visiting Kingsport.
• Investigate the legend of the Haunted House in Kingsport, including locating, entering, and mapping the house. If the investigation is successful, the map becomes the property of the company, however, the company will accept a copy as per the arrangements for copies of journals.

As agreed to by:

Jarza Bonaventure, owner, Bonaventure’s Bold and Brave

Brannigan Stryker
Kalinda Nwosu
Tiatha Thistlewood
Volunder StoneShield
Tar Sighard

Bonaventure Contract

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