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The Adventure Log is the place to read our story and for players to add depth to the story from the perspective of their characters. To access our story, click on “Adventure Log” in the sidebar on the left. Once there, click on “Create a New Post” to add an entry, or click on the title or “Read More” of a given post to read the full post.

Please add to the Adventure Log your character’s journal entries, letters, and other views on what is happening. When you as a player character Create a New Post, please make a Title, and in the Subtitle write “from [your character’s name]”; see other posts for examples. If you wish, you can send me what you want to add to the story, and I will add your entry to the Adventure Log for you.


The Wiki is the place to catch up on game details, such as the timeline of events and treasure gained by the party. This page is the Main Page of the Wiki and gives access to the other wiki pages listed below under Wiki Pages. To access this page again, click on “Wiki” in the sidebar on the left. Please add to the Wiki Pages and create more as you wish.

Wiki Pages
Event Timeline
Treasure Tracker for each character
Treasure Tracker by game session
Hero Points

Kingsport Locations (newest wiki page)
Sea Shanties
On the Operations of a Tannery
Kingsport Festival Contest
Bonaventure Contract

Player Characters
Brannigan Stryker
Kalinda Nwosu
Tar Sighard
Volunder StoneShield
Whisper (Tiatha Thistlewood)

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