That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 11

An Engaging Resolution

After regrouping with your comrades, you sought Jubrayl Vhiski at the Fatman’s Feedbag to hear his advice on how to make amends with Ven Vinder and his daughter, Shayliss Vinder. After settling into the notorious tavern and eyeing the locals – scoundrels and sordid sailors – and meeting the proprietor, the enormous Gressel Tenniwar, you enjoyed a delectable dinner before Jubrayl joined you at your table. His suggestions essentially were to apologize profusely without offending them further, and donate a hefty sum of gold to benefit the town according to Ven’s wishes. Additionally, you could try to turn the tables on Shayliss and ask Ven for her hand in marriage. In return, he wished to know more about your business in Kingsport and potentially enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement in the future.

With a fair amount of discussion, hard persuasion, and ale, Tar Sighard was convinced to be the lucky suitor wishing to marry Shayliss. Between meditating, fainting, and drinking heavily to steel himself, the poor man was out of sorts but still agreed to do the deed … in the morning when he would be refreshed after a full night’s rest. Leaving him to his prayers, the rest of you pursued the unsettling sight some of you perceived lurking around the town. After sensing its presence near the cathedral, you split up in your search and discovered it at the edge of the cemetery. Blinking in and out of reality at random, the monstrous creature sprang upon you!

Rather than let it devour you one by one, you quickly assembled yourselves for battle, and through your combined strengths, dispatched the horrible cuniculus demon. In the end, Bran beheaded the monster with a perfectly timed strike, and a sheet of blood sprayed the samurai as his reward. An instant later, the demon, its blood, and all other physical traces vanished entirely.



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