That Which Can Eternal Lie

The Legend of Kingsport Part 13

The Curse of the Haunted House

After slaying the goblins hiding under a house in the town of Kingsport, you headed back to the Rusty Dragon to consider all the information you had picked up during the day. Over a semi-private dinner, Irena and Kalinda revealed they had learned some news about the Haunted House from sailors passing through Kingsport. The sailors warned that “such conversations are best done out of earshot of the locals,” and they discretely let the two adventurers know about various legends regarding the house, including the tale from the town drunkard, Zerevik Aldren, an ex-pirate captain, who claims to have entered the house before quickly fleeing from a demon or vampire using the house as its lair. The scuttlebutt included the murders of various prominent Kingsport citizens nearly five years ago.

Although Ameiko managed to keep other people from intruding upon your dinner, her father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, rudely accosted you, after he stormed into the Dragon and angrily demanded for Ameiko. A heated and profane argument ensued between father and daughter, which led to Ameiko smacking her father upside the head with a soup ladle as he tried to grab her hair. Lonjiku coldly responded “You are as dead to me as your mother,” and silently fuming, turned his back on a shocked Ameiko and left the inn. As Ameiko composed herself with a joke, the crowd of customers cheered her spirit and courage.

After a few kind words to Ameiko, you and your comrades decided to split up. Volunder went to offer his support to Ameiko, Kalinda and Whisper went to the Fatman’s Feedbag to talk with more out-of-town sailors, and Irena, Bran, and Tar went to look for Zerevik at the Hagfish.

At the Feedbag, Kalinda and Whisper reached a stalemate with a crew of sailors who badly wanted to give them information but would not do so in public. Then another crew jumped in to seek some action, and the ensuing brawl forced the proprietor, Gressel Tenniwar, and his bouncers to clear the tavern. Meanwhile at the Hagfish, Irena, Bran, and Tar learned about the game of Kissing Norah and found Zerevik engaged in a game of dice with another patron. The three adventurers eventually struck up a conversation with the confused and incoherent drunkard and plied him with drink before taking him outside to try to learn more about his tale of the house. Unfortunately, he was scared by the turn in the conversation and abrupt change in behavior towards him, and the old man fled from the adventurers.

At the Dragon, Volunder and Ameiko shared a number of drinks and toasts, war stories, and displays of battle scars before Ameiko suddenly became serious and opened up to Volunder about the cursed history of the town and the threat of the Haunted House to the citizens of Kingsport. Noting that she was risking much by telling him, the ex-adventurer said that she trusted Volunder, in part because of her respect for his father.

Tomorrow at noon is the Merchant Council meeting. What will take place? What news will spread from the adventures at the Feedbag and Hagfish? How are Ven and Shayliss handling the proposal from Tar?



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